Campfire Nightly

View from Kenai River Drifters Lodge All guests of Drifters Lodge are invited each night to our campfire at the river’s edge.

There is something enchanting about sitting around a cozy campfire; staring at its glow and watching the sparks drift upward toward the immense Alaskan evening sky. A peaceful feeling captures the heart when the campfire is lit and that familiar smell drifts through the air. This is the time to sit back, relax and let the stories of the day’s adventures begin.

Drifter’s Lodge provides marshmallows, so you can recount your stories of fishing, hiking or rafting while enjoying s ’mores and the company of guests from all around the world and the Drifters Lodge staff.

Our campfire will be a memorable addition to your journey in Alaska. Kids always get the biggest kick out of helping our staff light the campfire, so send them down to the fire pit around 6pm and they can help our friendly staff light the fire!

Drifter's Lodge Nightly Campfire

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