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Cooper Landing Alaska Kenai LakeBreakfast at Drifter’s Lodge is a Continental Breakfast served during our high season, from June 11-August 31st in our Breakfast Shack right on the bank of the Kenai River. In the early morning, guests heading out to fish will find breakfast waiting. Bagels and other treats that will satisfy even our hungriest of guests. The breakfast also includes fresh fruit, cereals, toast, hard-boiled eggs, orange juice, coffee, tea, and more.


Kenai River Drifters Lodge Breakfast starts at 6:30AM for early rising fishing fanatics. For those who need to rest up after the excitement and adventure of the previous day, breakfast goes until 9am. So you do not need to worry about missing your morning meal after a great day of fishing or rafting on the Kenai River. You’re going to need a full stomach if you want the energy to enjoy the amazing Alaska fishing, hiking, rafting and more in the coming day. Our Continental breakfast really is the perfect way to start a day of fun and adventure in the amazing Alaskan countryside at Cooper Landing.

Our friendly breakfast staff will provide you with the kind of Alaskan hospitality that you can expect from all of us here at Drifters Lodge.

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