alaska fishing lodgesCooper Landing may be covered in fluffy snow at the moment, but we’re still daydreaming about the upcoming king salmon fishing season here at Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge. There’s no better time than right now to book a spring, summer, or fall Kenai River fishing trip to Alaska before we’re fully booked for yet another exciting season. Most groups, families, and couples choose full-day fishing expeditions so they can catch and keep their limit, but if you’re looking for a different challenge this year, seek out our three half-day fishing trips. We’re one of the only Alaska fishing lodges to provide half-day journeys down the Upper Kenai, Quartz Creek, and Russian River.

Drift the Upper Kenai River (June 11 – October 10)

All three of our half-day fishing trips depart from Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge, which is ultra-convenient for visiting anglers. Drifting the world-famous Upper Kenai River is our most popular half-day option. This stunning turquoise river has a mystifyingly calming effect on anglers. Long gone are the worries and stresses of your modern life. It’s just your group, a guide, Mother Earth, and a river full of delicious salmon and trout. Families with children prefer to start with this trip because it’s short, beautiful, and exciting. You’ll have an opportunity to catch colorful rainbow trout, sizable Dolly Varden, sockeye salmon, and coho salmon (depending on the time of year). This seven-mile drift meanders through Cooper Landing and the Chugach National Forest before finishing at the famous Russian River.

Quartz Creek (July 25 – August 30)

Very few Alaska fishing lodges even know about Quartz Creek, which runs into breathtaking Kenai Lake. This peaceful, scenic Chugach National Forest creek meanders through a seemingly unchartered wilderness. This slow-moving sockeye salmon spawning hot spot also attracts thousands of hungry Dolly Varden and rainbow trout throughout August. Quartz Creek is one of the rare sight-fishing locales on the Kenai Peninsula. The creek is frequently log jammed with these colorful beauties, making it perfect for beginners or families. Brown bears are often sighted feeding – but don’t fret, they’re well fed during this sockeye run.

Russian River Walk (June 11 – September 30)

Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge is also one of the only Alaska fishing lodges to feature a walking fishing trip. The calming Russian River walk features some of the best dry fly fishing on the Kenai Peninsula. The scenic Russian River, which originates from two stunning mountain lakes, is one of the major Upper Kenai tributaries. Two sockeye salmon runs provide an incredible amount of eggs and flesh for hungry trout. Bears are even more prevalent here than on Quartz Creek.

Alaska Fishing Lodges

If you’re looking for our extensive list of full-day fishing trips, please visit our website. There are dozens of full-day possibilities throughout the region, only minutes from Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge. We have several cozy Alaska cabin rentals at our world-renowned fishing lodge. Browse through our all-inclusive packages to find one that perfectly suits your eager group of anglers. Please give us a call today at 1-907-595-5555 to learn more about of beautiful slice of fishing heaven!