Photo of an Alaska Rafting Trip.Spring’s arrival is so close that the locals can practically feel the early-morning fog, hear the native birds singing in unison, and see the legions of salmon rushing through the Kenai River. For good reason, there’s a ton of buzz about the upcoming salmon fishing season at Kenai River Drifters Lodge as the peninsula is one of the world’s preeminent fish-based destinations on the planet. Anglers are unlikely to stumble upon a more idyllic location for a week of king-sized salmon battles than the Kenai and Kasilof rivers. However, the Kenai Peninsula is also an ultra-popular landing place for nature enthusiasts in search of a dream-like hike, summertime dog sled tour, exhilarating zipline adventure, or glacier cruise. But the most popular alternative to salmon (or halibut) fishing is an Alaska rafting expedition down the teal, rushing waters of the glorious Upper Kenai River.

The Upper Kenai River

The “Last Frontier” remains a peaceful, preserved land worth cherishing annually with family or friends. In particular, the Chugach National Forest and Kenai National Wildlife Refuge combine to cover nearly nine million acres of wilderness, most of which is immaculate. Locals make it a priority to conserve this region. Thus, the primary vessel for exploration is a raft. Most Alaska rafting expeditions drift, bob, and scurry down the Upper Kenai River, a particularly awe-inspiring stretch of earth that needs to be seen to be believed—pictures just don’t do it justice. An “average” Upper Kenai River rafting trip will float past screeching bald eagles, curious river otters, foraging beavers, feasting bears, and perhaps a friendly angler or two. The scenery, meanwhile, offers gasp-inducing mountain landscapes, steep canyon walls, and unpredictable rapids.

Jaw-Dropping Alaska Rafting Trips

Kenai River Drifters Lodge, a local fishing lodge that’s based in picturesque Cooper Landing, has evolved into the area’s main stop for adventure, whether that’s Kenai River rafting or guided salmon fishing. The guys and gals at Drifters Lodge know this land like the back of their hands, and that includes the Upper Kenai River’s many twists and turns. Drifters Lodge offers three unique Alaska rafting adventures, ranging from seven to 20 miles in length (two to six hours). Many curious travelers swap a day of fly fishing for the 20-mile, full-day canyon float, which includes a two-mile hike on Hidden Creek Trail and a stop at eye-popping Skilak Lake. Some of the best (albeit mild) whitewater rafting in Alaska can be experienced on this unforgettable journey through the heart of the Kenai Peninsula.

Photo of a Kena Riverside Fire after an Alaska Rafting Trip.Kenai River Fishing Guides

The team at Drifters Lodge is celebrated for its distinct fishing, hiking, foraging, and Kenai River rafting expertise. They also know a thing or two about hospitality (and hosting a communal campfire). At the end of the day, most folks visit this pristine stretch of the Chugach Mountains to wrangle a boatload of king or silver salmon. And a midsummer escape to the wondrous Kenai Peninsula has never been more accessible or affordable than it is today. To inquire about this summer’s availability at Drifters Lodge, please dial 1-907-595-5555.