A seasoned fisherman examines his rig before casting on an Alaskan fishing trip.The holiday season is no longer around the corner; it’s at the front door! Although many seem to know what to get everyone on their list, you might find yourself spending a great deal of time trying to figure out the perfect present for the angler in your life. Whether it be a spouse, friend, or relative, an Alaskan fishing trip is an unforgettable adventure they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Not only will you be affording them the opportunity to catch king salmon and other highly coveted game fish, but also a life-changing experience. From fly fishing on the Kenai River to chasing halibut in the Gulf of Alaska, Kenai River Drifters Lodge is a spectacular destination characterized by unscathed wilderness, expansive alpine forests, and pristine waters. Not every angler can say they’ve gone on an Alaskan fishing trip, but most who have wanted to come back.

More to Enjoy than the Alaskan Fishing Season

Despite being the primary objective of most of our guests, there’s more to the Kenai Peninsula than the Alaskan fishing season. Whether it’s white water rafting down Six Mile Creek or kayaking in Resurrection Bay, there is no such thing as a dull day in our slice of paradise. What’s more, Kenai River Drifters has customized adventure packages to supplement fishing in Alaska. As one more than satisfied guest said, “That was one of the finest vacations we have ever taken!”

Kenai River Fishing Guides

Even though there is an unlimited number of recreational opportunities on the Kenai Peninsula, many people come to our lodge to focus on fishing. From fly-out fishing on remote and secluded lakes to chasing rockfish and ling-cod on the Cook Inlet, our Kenai River fishing guides and captains specialize in providing an unrivaled fishing experience in one of the most productive regions of the world. One of the best parts about fishing an Alaskan fishing trip with Drifters Lodge is the wealth of knowledge imparted to fortunate guests.

All-Inclusive Fishing Lodge on the Kenai Peninsula

For an avid angler, the only thing that can improve an Alaskan fishing trip is being able to rest comfortably after a day on the water. While there are many all-inclusive fishing lodges on the Kenai Peninsula, none can boast the staff’s level of expertise and professionalism at Kenai River Drifters Lodge. We are accepting reservations for the upcoming season, so the time to pull the trigger is now. With rustically elegant accommodations, gorgeous scenery, and some of the world’s best fishing, it’s no wonder Kenai River Drifters is one of the best. For more information or to book your stay, please visit our website or call 907-312-5413.