Guided Hiking 2017


Starting in 2017, Drifters will be hosting guided hiking trips as well! We will offer a variety of hiking opportunities ranging from easy half day trips, to more rigorous trips that are a little longer in length and more rigorous for those who want more of a challenge.

Easy-  Half Day Trips    

 Ptarmigan Creek—  If you enjoy forest hikes, you will love traveling through cottonwoods, spruce, and hemlock alongside silty Ptarmigan Creek.  Catch a glimpse of a red salmon fighting its way upstream before gradually climbing high above to the shores of Ptarmigan Lake.  This slender lake, surrounded by jagged mountain peaks, makes this a picturesque and peaceful destination.

Hidden Creek—This trail is very diverse, weaving through the scars of the 1996 Hidden Creek Fire, past the wetlands of Hidden Creek and finally to the beautiful blue waters of Skilak Lake.   This hike is ideal for birders and is a great place to see a Bald Eagle perched in a tree or a Double-crested Cormorant skimming over the water’s surface.   In spring and summer beautiful flower displays give way to blueberries and mushrooms as the seasons progress.

Russian River Falls—Watch as the salmon continue their struggle to their spawning grounds, fighting to make it up the rushing waters of the Russian River Falls.  This hike offers opportunities to see wildlife, birds and a taste of the tangy Red Currant.

Rainbow Lakes—This is a short, easy hike to a high mountain lake.  Separated by only a foot bridge, and surrounded by hemlocks, Rainbow Lakes has a magical feel.  This trail offers beautiful views, great opportunities for photography, berries, mushrooms and the occasional Trumpeter Swan when the season is right. sun

Moderate Hike

Johnson Pass North– This is an ideal trail for splendid mountain views and birding as it traverses through forest and grasslands as it winds deeper into the mountains.  From the tiny camouflaged Brown Creeper to the contentious Merlin, this trail offers glimpses at many of the birds of southcentral Alaska.

Palmer Creek—Watch for moose, caribou and hawks as you travel through forest and grassy mountain slopes above Palmer Creek.  This hike begins in the tundra and leads to the abandoned Hirshey Mine.  Pass blueberries, wildflowers and waterfalls as you climb towards the end of the valley and two alpine lakes.

Gull Rock– Watch the beauty and power of the ocean as the tides rush in and out of Turnagain Arm.  This trail leads to a great spot to watch for Beluga Whales and soak in the view of mountains rising thousands of feet out of the ocean.

Skilak Lookout– Hike through the heart of the forest regenerated after the 1996 Hidden Creek Fire. From the alpine zone at the end of the trail, look down to Skilak Lake for a view of gull and cormorant rookeries on the lake’s rocky islands.plant

Summit Pass—Quickly climb into alpine tundra and travel through a series of glacially carved valleys.  This trail offers spectacular views, the opportunity to see wildlife such as marmots and Dahl Sheep and is an ideal hike for the geology buff.

Crescent Lake—Follow Crescent Creek through birch and hemlock forest and grassy mountain meadows to Crescent Lake.  This trail offers birding, blueberries, wildlife and spectacular fireweed displays.


Difficult Hikes

Skyline–  this is a difficult hike climbing quickly out of the trees but the reward is great.  From the top you can see the volcanoes of the Kenai Peninsula climbing out of the ocean and on a clear day you can see the highest mountain peak in North America, Denali, hundreds of miles to the north.

Fuller Lakes-Round Mountain—Travel through birch then hemlock forest to visit two lakes snuggled between towering mountains.

Hope PointThis is a challenging but magnificent hike offering views of the Kenai Mountains, Cook Inlet and Turnagain Arm.  Travel from birch forest, to alpine tundra, to the rocky summit for a well-earned rest and one of the best views on the Kenai Peninsula.

Slaughter Ridge  Quickly climb out of the forest to spectacular views of Kenai Lake and surrounding mountains.  Although steep, every step is worth the effort on this hike as each one carries you higher.  This hike awakens all the senses as it is lined with a beautiful assortment of wildflowers and a taste of blueberries, crowberries, high-bush cranberries, and service berries.

–  Get a bird’s eye view of the Kenai River with this challenging and stunning hike.  Peer over the edge of a three-thousand-foot rock face as Dahl sheep look on.  This hike offers beautiful views and great opportunities to see wildlife.


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