Salmon Fishing

Why Do They Come?  They Come For The Salmon Fishing!

People come to Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge for many reasons.  The pristine Alaskan outdoors is always a great factor but by and large, the biggest reason people come to this area is for the fishing—and to be even more specific, they come for the Alaska salmon fishing!

Salmon Fishing In Alaska—It’s All Here

For salmon fishing, Kenai, Alaska is hard to beat.  The reason is simple: the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska has Native Wild Alaska Salmon in abundance. The great variety, larger size, plentifulness  and easy accessibility makes it  the best place in the world to fish.

If you want to make the most of salmon fishing in Alaska, the Drifters Lodge on the Kenai River has to be on the top of your list.

The Kenai Peninsula, the place Kenai River Drifters Lodge lovingly calls home, is home to six major salmon rivers.  Perhaps you recognize some of these famous names (and if not, you soon will!):

  • Our home, the Kenai River
  • The Russian river (just down the road)
  • The Kasilof River
  • The Anchor River
  • The Ninilchik River
  • Deep Creek

We operate on all of these rivers at various points of the year to bring you the best Alaskan salmon fishing anywhere; we’re sure you’ll find that there are more fish here than you could ever dream of catching!

Alaska Salmon Fishing Charters At Kenai River Drifters Lodge

Our main attraction in the summer is Alaska salmon fishing (Kenai River is just so well suited to it!).  We operate our Alaska salmon fishing charters to maximize the area’s resources.  Daily, we run these Alaska salmon fishing charters:

  • Kenai River Salmon Fishing
  • Russian River Salmon Fishing
  • Kasilof River Salmon Fishing

However, every year the Anchor River, Ninilchik River, and Deep Creek also have great salmon runs but because our main rivers are so productive these rivers are primarily fished for steelhead in the spring and fall.  At the request of our guests the guides are always ready to fish these rivers.

For those of you out there looking for the best options in Alaska salmon fishing, this is your place.  You will not find another place that has the ability to combine beautiful natural habitat with skilled fishing charters and a multitude of recreational activities.

Our ultimate goal at Kenai River Drifters Lodge is to provide you with the Alaska salmon fishing experience of a lifetime.  Help us fulfill our goals as we bring you ever closer to yours!  Come and enjoy the best all-around salmon fishing Alaska has to offer.

King Salmon (Chinook Salmon)

Two Nice King SalmonKing Salmon are the largest of the salmon species. The Kenai River is home to the world record King Salmon weighing in at 97.4 pounds and measuring in at over 5 ft in length! On average these beasts weigh between 15-25lbs with fish over 30lbs hitting the nets regularly. Our guides have come to prefer the calmer, quieter waters of the Kasilof for King fishing. We fish both the Kenai and the Kasilof for Kings until July 31st.

These mammoth fish are born in the freshwater and return annually to spawn after 2-3 years in the ocean.  King Salmon are some of the hardest fighting fish our Alaska rivers hold. Kings are known for their thunderous takedowns and lightning bolt runs. They are the toughest of the salmon species to catch but among the most rewarding! Hooking into a King Salmon is an experience that will stay with you forever! We begin fishing for Kings May 15th and the season closes July 31st.

Red Salmon (Sockeye Salmon)

Sockeye salmon are probably pound for pound one of the heartiest fish on the planet. These fish swim 82 miles up the Kenai River to reach their spawning grounds. Don’t expect these fish to lose any energy in the process; anglers who target these legendary combatants can expect to have their hands full. The first run of Sockeye Salmon begins to enter the Russian River in June and the season opens June 11th. Fish during this run average 4-6lbs with 8-10lbers being landed often. The second run of Sockeye Salmon begins to enter the Kenai River system mid-July and typically run strong into the first week of August. Sockeye during the second run typically average between 6-8lbs with 12lbers hitting the net regularly. Toward the end of August and into September you will see these fish in the rivers and creeks turning red with a green head indicating they are spawning.  This is a great time to observe them spawning as well as for the Alaskan bears that feed on them. With over a million Sockeye returning to the Kenai River system annually they are an essential part of our ecosystem and provide a thrill to both anglers and sightseers alike.

Silver Salmon (Coho Salmon)

Fall heralds the arrival of the Silver Salmon to the Kenai River and its tributaries. These epic fish typically start entering the river system in mid-August and run strong into October. Silver Salmon are one of the most aggressive of the salmon species and offer anglers a fine opportunity to cast streamers or lures in an attempt to hook into one of these fantastic fish. Silvers typically average 6-8lbs but fish over 15lbs are frequently caught.  Silver Salmon are often thought to have fireworks or motors attached to them but this is a common misconception, they just fight that hard!

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