Red Salmon

Sockeye Salmon Fishing aka Red Salmon Fishing


Every June heralds the annual migration of the Sockeye Salmon to the rivers and streams of Alaska. Better known as Reds, these fish are one of the most iconic and important to Alaska’s biodiversity. Reds are a blast to catch! They are born in the river normally very close to a lake. The newly born smolt then spend 2-3 years in the lake before migrating out to the ocean. 1-3 years later they return to the exact location of their birth, Amazing! The first run arrives in June these fish are primarily bound for the Russian River which opens June 11th. We are proud to offer anglers excellent opportunities for the best walk-in and drift fishing to be found.

Haul of Red Salmon

The second run of sockeye usually begins the second week in July and is the larger of the two runs. On average over 1 million Sockeye Salmon pass through the counters by mid-August. The second run provides anglers with some of the best fishing Alaska has to offer. These chrome beauties usually average 8-10lbs with fish over 12lbs hitting the nets regularly. Locking into your first Sockeye Salmon will be an experience you won’t soon forget. These iconic fish are the ones you see jumping up waterfalls on television and pound for pound are some of the hardest fighting fish that swim our rivers. These powerful fish are known for ripping line, vicious aerial displays, and just an all-around great fish to catch.

Fishing for sockeye salmon is done primarily from the bank and we have access to some of the best fishing spots on the river. Your guide will take you by boat to one of these prime locations and show you all the tricks and techniques for catching these powerful fish. Kenai River Drifters Lodge is proud to offer all of our client’s triple layered Gore-Tex Simms waders for the duration of your fishing trip. We have spared no expense to ensure you are comfortable while in the water! Trips and availability are limited and fill in quickly so don’t delay, call today to book your Kenai River experience of a lifetime!

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