Halibut Fishing in AlaskaBecause limits on king salmon vary from year to year, more and more returning anglers are beginning to get a “taste” for halibut fishing in Alaska. While nothing compares to the feeling one obtains while wrangling a monster Chinook on the teal Kenai River, netting a slippery, 100-pound halibut in awe-inspiring Resurrection Bay is bound to be one of your life’s true high points. The folks here at Kenai River Drifters Lodge have tremendous relationships with several of the Kenai Peninsula’s finest captains. These world-renowned Alaska halibut fishing charters are available via upgrade along with a variety of other adventure-based activities, such as bear-viewing, helicopter sightseeing, and fly-in fishing trips.

Two Beautiful Destinations: Resurrection Bay and Cook Inlet

First and foremost, it’s important to pay tribute to the Kenai Peninsula’s jaw-dropping beauty, particularly Resurrection Bay. Resurrection Bay is known for its marine cruises where boats filled with tourists drift past glaciers, sea stacks, leaping whales, and lounging Stellar sea lions. Most halibut fishing in Alaska is based out of Seward, Ninilchik, and Homer. Ninilchik, a small borough along Sterling Highway, rests along the edge of Cook Inlet, yet another natural marvel. Although Cook Inlet isn’t as picturesque as Resurrection Bay, many anglers prefer the seclusion in comparison to the waters near Kenai Fjords National Park.

Halibut Fishing in AlaskaSetting the Scene: Halibut Fishing in Alaska

After selecting a destination, our team will set you up for success. You’ll then be shuttled to either Seward or Ninilchik, where your group will board a vessel that holds between six and 20 people. It’s important to note that anglers often stumble upon rockfish, freshwater salmon, snapper, and lingcod on these midday Seward fishing charters. While some record-sized “barn door” halibut can be weigh in around 500 pounds, most of these flatfish tip the scale to approximately 15 to 25 pounds. That being said, the best halibut fishing in Alaska can be experienced in these waters, so don’t be promised if your group baits, hooks, and nets monsters well over 100 pounds.

Classic Alaska Cabin Rentals

Halibut fishing in Alaska might not be as popular as hooking salmon on the Kenai or Kasilof River. Still, it’s a bucket list-esque experience worth trying at least once in your lifetime. And the perfect place to retire following an afternoon of trophy catches is right here at Drifters Lodge. Yes, we provide thrillseekers with all-inclusive Alaska halibut fishing trips, but don’t forget that many of our log cabins rest along the Kenai River’s banks within sight of a dramatic mountain range and dense forestry. To book a well-deserved escape to the Kenai Peninsula, please give us a call today at 1-907-595-5555 (or visit us online).