Alaska is known for its fantastic fishing and world-class Fishing Lodges. Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge in Cooper Landing, AK, is in the heart of some of the best fishing known to man. Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge is centrally located on the Kenai Peninsula where all of our fish are considered Trophy. King Salmon, Silver Salmon Sockeye Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, and Arctic Grayling are plentiful and ready to give you the challenge of a lifetime. With a prime location at the headwaters of the Kenai River, 4000-foot peaks surrounding, you will be in a true fisherman’s paradise.

Arctic Grayling

Another gorgeous fish native to Alaska waters is the Arctic Grayling. Its iconic sail-like dorsal fin makes it easy to identify, and its varying colors make each fish different and unique. Though most Arctic Grayling are darker in color, they can have a variety of markings and colors ranging from red, aqua, orange, pink, blue, and even metallic gold and silver. The Arctic Grayling ranges from ten up to 20+ inches long, some weighing three pounds. Trophy Arctic Grayling are available at Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge with our fishing guides by float plane and mountain hikes in the local alpine mountains. The Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden, and Rainbow Trout in the Alpine lakes are all catch-and-release trips at the Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge.

Rainbow Trout

Challenging and beautifully colored, rainbow trout are some of our favorite fish to target. These vibrant fish are not stocked, they are wild and native to the Kenai River, growing to an average of 15-22 inches long and weighing 3-8 pounds, but the Kenai River rainbow trout get much larger. The Kenai River rainbow trout are known for putting up an excellent fight for anglers. They make for an exciting catch. Aerial acrobatics are the treat.

Trophy rainbow trout are available year-round but tend to be the hungriest and most active in August and September while the salmon are in the peak of spawning. They love their diet of salmon eggs, and as a result of eating such a nutritious diet, they get big and feisty. By using bait resembling the eggs from the spawning salmon, you will surely catch the attention of some hungry rainbow trout. Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge will put you on these acrobatic trout by taking you where these roaming trout live on our 82-mile long river full of fish.

King Salmon

One of the most sought-after trophy fish in the state of Alaska is the king salmon, which is also known as the chinook salmon. King salmon tend to range from 20 to 45 pounds and can be 24 to 70 inches and even longer. The Kenai River record king salmon was weighed in at 97 pounds. Even though these fish can be enormous, Drifter’s Lodge guides have top-notch equipment and will teach you techniques that will help you reel in these monsters. The king salmon will be putting up their fight of a lifetime. Because all the salmon we catch want to do one thing, spawn, and they do not want to be caught. To be able to fish for king salmon, you will need your regular Alaskan fishing license, along with a king salmon stamp.

Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge

Are you ready to get out and meet these river monsters for yourself? Give Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge a call at 907-595-5555 and start planning your trip out to the Kenai River for the fishing trip of a lifetime. The many different fish in this incredible Alaskan wilderness are waiting for you!