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Homer, AK

The town of Homer is a beautiful little spot on the Kenai Peninsula and has a rich history and many activities within and just outside of town. The town of Homer was founded on devious intentions, by a con-man named Homer that turned the spot into a very homie and welcoming place. The town grew because of the promise of rich gold deposits and thus homer was born. This Homer fellow is owed a deceitful thanks for starting the town. Homers founding was shady, but this only adds to its mysterious nature. The town is filled with local lore and accounts of unexplainable phenomenon which most locals are happy to share. Homer has a wide array of activities and places to see. It is a small, unique town located on the second of two south western tips of the Kenai Peninsula. While driving to this little town, one can experience a sense of awe and shock when first seeing the Homer spit. The little piece of land, called the spit, looks almost uninhabitable when one is on the top of the hillside looking down at Homer coming around the first bend in. The spit consists of just the main road with shops and halibut charters, but not much of a residential feel. This is a great spot to pick up souvenirs or locally made art to bring home for yourself or friends and family. It also has a wide selection of restaurants and spots to pick up fresh caught sea food one can pick up and cook themselves. The residents of Homer live close by in the other part of town, which is located on the mainland of the Kenai Peninsula. On the highway into the town of homer, one can see a small quaint little lake with an abundance of floatplanes. These float planes are primarily air taxis for travel around Kachemak Bay, which has a little scenic fish village, called Seldovia, that can be explored and enjoyed. There are some Alaskan famous places in Homer such as the Salty Dawg and the Two Sisters Bakeries which are local iconic spots that are favored by locals and tourists alike. The Salty Dawg has a rich past and has served as an important centralized point of operation for the town such as a post office, general store and of course a saloon. The town of Homer is also known as the Halibut Capital of Alaska. This is a prime spot, along with Seward, to get down and dirty with your line in the water trying to get THE halibut. Fishing charters going after other species also go out from Homer daily. There are also many things to do within the town or just outside of it for the outdoors minded traveler. There are many hikes around Homer that very from a quick stroll, to a couple hours journey through the Homer forests. Not too far from the town of homer is a spot called clam gulch is known for its razor clams. The beach offers a chance to go clam hunting and catch your meal in a way other than fishing on a charter. Whatever your interest, Homer likely has something for you.

Seward, AK

This is a quiet little fishing/ shipping town right on the shoreline of resurrection bay. This city has a rich history and was the first non-native town on the Kenai Peninsula known as the gateway to Alaska’s interior. The railroad solidified Seward as a town and set up shop. The waters of Seward are home to an array of creatures and fish. These creatures and fish can be caught and eaten if one wants to take a fishing charter out for the day. There are many fishing charters that go out from the port in Seward’s harbor master area. From the harbor master one can also take the wildlife cruises or the glacier cruises. These are amazing cruises that allow the patrons to get up close and personal with the sea wildlife such as the porpoises which will usually swim right next to the boat for some of the journey of the cruise. There are also sailing opportunities to experience this with a more personalized experiences, letting the wind be your power of movement. The Town also offers sea kayaking. One will go out with a guide and explore resurrection bay. If you are looking to get away from the road and experience Alaska via a historical form of transportation, head down to the train station and saddle up for an adventure. The town of Seward has a different section of town as well which is the shopping district on 4th street. There are tons of shops on 4th street that have souvenirs and native Alaskan trinkets. On the 4th of July, the town of Seward goes from a population of about 3500 people to about 30,000 people. This is home of a one of a kind race up a mountain. People from all over the world come to race up mount Marathon and celebrate the 4th of July with a firework display. The Seward sea life center is also located right at the bottom of 4th street and one can see everything from an octopus to a sea lion at the center. One can learn an uncanny amount of knowledge about the Alaskan coast with a day at the center. Just walking along the break wall, one can see aquatic animals such as sea lions and sea otters playing and hunting in their natural habitat. There are also an abundance of restaurants all over town that have delicious food, and this is true all over Alaska, because if the food is not good the restaurant does not last. This part of town is also home to a copious amount of art galleries which offer beautiful creations of local artists. There are also unique opportunities to experience personal dogsled tour either around the town of Seward or up on the Harding icefield. There is also an opportunity to soar in the canopies of forest around Seward with zip lining in the area. Cruise with the eagles. Exit glacier is just outside of town and is a wonderful place to learn about glaciers and get up close and personal with one. This is also a point where one can hike up and gain access to the Harding icefield, which feeds many glaciers in the area and is the source of water which feeds the Kenai River. This is one piece of landscape that is truly incredible. There are also opportunities to go ice climbing. There is also horseback riding available to gain a different perspective of trails around Seward with a guide to lead one around.

Girdwood, AK

Originally called “Glacier City” for the icy behemoths that rim the surrounding mountains, it’s no surprise that touring a glacier is so easily accessible. This is a town nestled in the mountains along the Seward highway in between Hope and Anchorage. This cozy little town offers a great atmosphere of friendly people and good vibes. This town is known for its love of the outdoors. They have festivals each year that show there passion for the outdoors, such as the forest festival and the fungus festival. There is fungus among us. There is also the mountain Alyeska, which has many different things to do at the base, and on the mountain itself. There are several different hikes at the base of Alyeska, such as the winter creek trail. This is a great hike for the whole family as it is relatively flat and easy and it has a awesome little hand tram across aa river that kids will use with a smile from ear to ear. You can go on a guided hike over Alaska’s glaciers and mountain ridges. If you want to strike it rich, you can go on a gold panning tour. Flight see over glaciers and take in the amazing Prince William Sound. Enjoy the views from a raft, or take the wheel with a Jeep or ATV. And if you’re in the mood to mush, you can go dog sledding across a glacier. If you want to see wildlife up close, check out the 140-acre Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center just 11 miles pas the Girdwood turnoff. There are also multiple restaurants in town that’ll have your palate watering and your eyes wide open! If food isn’t you fancy and you want something to remember Alaska by, there are some wonderful art and gift shops around. One such place is a stone working store that has beautiful Alaskan stones that are carved to perfection and just beautiful! If you’re just looking to relax for the day, there are a couple of massage therapy spots to stop that’ll leave you feeling relaxed and ready for Alaska.

Hope, AK

This is a little town on the Kenai Peninsula that is a little gem off the main path. For the adventurous type that enjoy music, the outdoors and good company, this is a place worth visiting. Right on the shoreline of Turnagain arm almost directly across from Girdwood one can explore the landscape of this town in a day. There is only a few quant little establishments in this town and a couple hundred people. This town is also home to the most challenging white water rafting there is to offer in Alaska called Six Mile which has 3 canyons that have class Iv and V rapids for the thrill seekers. There are hidden gems here as well that one can ask locals about or find on their own by taking just exploring. Overall, Hope is a wonderful day trip or a music festival on at night on the weekends.

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