alaska fishing lodgeThere is nothing quite like sitting, surrounded by the quiet waters as your boat slowly rocks on the waves. You feel that first tug at your line and perk up to see if this is your chance. The line tugs again and you begin the battle. As you work your reel and outsmart the beast from below, you finally pull in the monster catch you have been waiting for. This scenario seems like the perfect dream to any angler. Make it a reality with a visit to our Alaska fishing lodge, Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge.

Our Fishing

By being located in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness, Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge is in a prime location for various forms of fishing. From open ocean fishing to fly fishing, you can find it all with us. Not only do we have boats with experienced guides to make your journey incredible, but we also have float planes to take you on fly outs. This variety allows you to explore beyond the Kenai and see many of its tributaries, as well as nearby bays and inlets.

Variety Makes It Interesting

Having this large variety of fishing opportunities with our Alaska fishing lodge, there becomes endless opportunity to make the catch of a lifetime. Whether you are after the prized king salmon or a colorful rainbow trout, we can get you to where they thrive for phenomenal fishing. You cannot find fishing like this anywhere other than our Alaskan waters.

Alaska Fishing Lodge

If you are ready to make a memorable journey up to Alaska, strap on your boots and head up to Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge for the adventure of a lifetime. Visit our website or call us at (907) 595-5555 to begin planning your excursion. Here at Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge, we are at the ready to answer any questions and get you prepared for an unforgettable Alaskan fishing outing.