King Salmon are the largest of the salmon species. The Kenai River is home to the world record King Salmon weighing in at 97.4 pounds and measuring in at over 5 ft in length! On average these beasts weigh between 15-25lbs with fish over 30lbs hitting the nets regularly. Our guides have come to prefer the calmer, quieter “drift only” waters of the Kasilof for King fishing. Additionally, the Kasilof is a hatchery enhanced river, providing anglers with more opportunities at these epic river Monsters. In recent years, fish returns have declined on the Kenai and in the interest of allowing the species to regenerate and hopefully make a comeback, we do not fish on the Kenai for King Salmon.

Profile image of King (Chinook) Salmon

These mammoth fish are born in the freshwater and return to spawn when they reach sexual maturity after spending 3-8 years in the ocean (on average its 3-5).  King Salmon are some of the hardest fighting fish our Alaska rivers hold. Kings are known for their thunderous takedowns and lightning bolt runs. They are the toughest of the salmon species to catch but among the most rewarding! Hooking into a King Salmon is an experience that will stay with you forever! Anglers are constantly surprised at the sheer power of these epic fish. Space and availability for these trips are limited so don’t wait, call and book your trip today! We begin fishing for Kings May 16th and the season closes July 31st.