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Drifters Lodge is located between two of the best salt water fisheries available in Alaska: The Cook Inlet (Ninilchik & Homer) and The Gulf of Alaska (Seward). We work with a few of the very best charter companies in each area. Whether you want to fish for halibut from your private chartered boat or you want to fish on a large 45-65 foot boat with 10-15 fishermen, we can help you plan your trip.

A boat for up to six people is usually 28-32 feet long and can have two or three different groups on them at the same time. These trips can either target strictly halibut, or a combination of halibut, salmon, rockfish and ling-cod. (The captain will advise us as to what is best at the time of your trip). The captain serves as your deckhand as well on these smaller trips.

Should you like a private fishing excursion for your group, you can rent the boat for the day. With this option, the captain will leave the itinerary up to you. They will explain the best options and allow you to choose what you prefer. By chartering the whole boat, the captain is better able to accommodate your preferences and cater exclusively to you.

The larger fishing vessels tend to be more stable on the water. Many people prefer them in the sometimes rocky, Alaskan waters. You buy a seat on the boat, along with up to 16 others. Each boat has one or two deckhands and a captain to help you throughout the day, making sure you are well taken care of.

The summer season provides great halibut fishing from mid-May through the end of August. Salmon are the freshest from the ocean and available for a limited time each summer Ling Cod season opens July 1, these are possibly the ugliest fish in the water, but also some of the tastiest! Yellow-eyed rockfish, black cod and yellow cod are also available year round.

Another great thing about fishing on the ocean is that these boats often take part of the same routes that the sight-seeing boats take, giving you the opportunity to see incredible scenery and wildlife through the day.

So, ask about our ocean fishing opportunities and we will help to make your Alaska fishing trip into the fullest and most gratifying experience possible.

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