Rainbow Trout

Many anglers come to Alaska for the first time with salmon in mind, but after a few visits they quickly realize that the Kenai River is home to some of the best Trophy Rainbow Trout fishing in the world. Most of the Rainbow Trout are native to the Kenai River and most of the rainbows are resident fish (they never leave the Kenai River). Due to the fish being native and growing to impressive sizes, our guides practice catch and release to ensure there are big fish for years to come.

With over a million salmon entering the Kenai River every year, the Native Rainbow Trout are provided with a never ending supply of food. This enables the Rainbow Trout on the Kenai River to reach epic sizes and proportions. For anglers dreaming of catching a prized 30” trout, this is the river for you. The Kenai River is one of the few watersheds in the world where 30” + Rainbow Trout can be found regularly and are hooked into! In Alaska, it is certainly one of the most easily accessible Trophy Rainbow fisheries. Right on the road system, there are spots you can still pull over and throw a line in or you can hire a guide to get you to the tried and true “honey holes” by boat.

The Kenai River provides anglers with 82 miles of river to fish; creating endless opportunities for beginners, families, and experts. No matter what your time constraints, we have the trip for you. Our professional guides are some of the very best and will work tirelessly to ensure your fishing trip is that of a lifetime. We will customize your trip to fit your experience and needs to make a trip like no other!

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