We are here   We are ready   We ask for your business

If you are willing to join us, we know the reward is incredible fishing in the most beautiful place on earth.

20% Off Fishing Packages August 2020
25% Off Fishing Packages September 2020

20% Off Packages August 1-31 2020
25% Off Packages September 1-30 2020
20% Off All 2021 Packages Offer Ends September 30th

We are here     We are Ready

We ask for your business

We have 25 dedicated, energetic, excited employees

Our guides can’t wait to spend their day

on the water with you on your fishing adventure .

Our staff knows how lucky they are to live here,

 in the center of the truly remarkable Kenai Peninsula.

The Rules

  • Please make your reservation before September 30th 2020
  • No fee to reschedule dates
  • Flexible Deposit
  • Take an extra 5% off with payment in full (Total 25% off)

In the Mountains On the Kenai River at Cooper Landing

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