A towering view of three anglers using a drift boat in Alaska.As the air warms up and the days become longer, all signs point to the Alaska fishing season being right around the corner. Soon anglers from all over the world will ascend upon a freshly thawed Alaskan landscape in hopes of experiencing what they’ve otherwise only heard in stories. Unless the Kenai Peninsula is their home turf, most fishermen and women will stay at a fishing lodge. Many —not all— out of state anglers would rather not find themselves combat fishing, but instead, make sure to assess and inventory the best Alaska fishing guides. 

Types of Fishing in Alaska

There are a few recreational fishing sub-categories to choose from. Most anglers already have a good idea of what they’d like to target before the Alaska fishing season begins; however, there are still several people who are just winging it. Here is a brief summary of the three main types of fishing at Drifter’s Lodge

Wade Fishing Techniques

Walking through powerful river water is an invigorating and challenging endeavor. Speedy currents and rocky bottoms don’t make it any easier, but with a trusty guide, most anglers will have the confidence to handle some of the most sought after streams and rivers Alaska has to offer. 

Using a Drift Boat

Drift boat fishing in Alaska is one of the quintessential bucket list items for any angler. This style of fishing lends itself to the ravishing Alaskan scenery but, more importantly, an extraordinary chance at landing a monster rainbow trout or other river fish. Meandering through pristine sloughs and oxbows with an experienced guide who masterfully navigates the fabled Alaskan rivers would set anyone’s mind at ease. All of the private boats at Drifters Lodge can safely hold two to three people plus a fishing guide. 

Ocean Fishing

Halibut, rockfish, ling-cod, and various indigenous salmon are the most popular species targeted off the Alaskan shores. Smaller, private vessels are available for those that want a more intimate experience with up to six people. However, larger fishing vessels are less choppy and may be preferred by those who want a more stable seating arrangement. Most Alaska fishing guides give eager anglers the option to go after halibut exclusively or a combination of the aforementioned ocean fish. 

Start the Alaska Fishing Season at Drifters Lodge

Perfectly located on headwaters of Kenai River, Drifters Lodge continues to be a popular destination for novice and experienced anglers alike. Because of its centralized position on the Kenai Peninsula, visitors can easily make day trips to some well-known, nearby towns like Seward, Homer, and Whittier. Clean and comfortable accommodations, along with expert fishing guides and knowledgeable staff, Drifters Lodge is an unforgettable escape. To learn more about your mid-summer trip, call 1-907-595-5555 or visit us online!