Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon aka Coho Salmon

Nice Big Silver SalmonFall marks the annual return of the Silver Salmon to the Kenai River watershed. Silver Salmon also known as Coho are the most aggressive of the Salmon species and provide anglers with a great and rewarding challenge. They are well known for their aggressive takes and aerobatic displays. Like all salmon they are born in the river before migrating out into the ocean to feed. They typically begin returning to the Kenai River in August and are available through September.

Marisa_with_spawning _Silver_Salmon

We target Silver Salmon with both fly and conventional tackle. Fishing for Silver Salmon is a unique experience that is sure to leave you wishing for more. Choose from a guided short 2 mile hike in to a small boulder studded stream where you will follow the stream bed down fishing pockets of water along the way or our guides can take you by drift boat to the various sections of the Kenai River, throwing spinners and casting flies into the shallow holding waters. Silvers average 6-8lbs but it is possible to hook into monsters weighing over 20lbs.

Many of our clients like to combine Silver Salmon fishing with Trophy Rainbow fishing for a truly amazing experience. Many consider the Silver Salmon as the best tasting of all the Salmon. Prime dates fill in quickly so don’t delay, give us a call today!


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