alaska wildland adventuresAlaska is known for waterways abundant with all sorts of impressive catches such as salmon, rainbow trout, Arctic graylings, halibut, and more. Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge offers incredible ocean fishing adventures through area charter companies that provide panoramic views, access to beautiful glacial waters, and catches that will be sure to give any angler the experience of a lifetime. Embark on several Alaska wildland adventures on the open sea in Cooper Landing, Alaska, and discover one of the best fishing charters to cast your line and reel in some monster fish.

A Kenai River Drifter’s Ocean Fishing Experience

Here at Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge, partnering Alaska fishing charters will take you out on the waves with experienced guides to ensure you have the best ocean fishing experience possible. Grab your gear and best fishing mates to enjoy one of our many fishing packages. You will get the chance to reel in sizeable halibut, lingcod, salmon, black cod, yellow cod, and yellow-eyed rockfish. Their knowledgeable and professional guide staff will help you along the way to give you hints and tricks on bringing these monsters of the deep in and make sure you have a bountiful time out with us!

Location, Location, Location

One main attribute that sets our Alaska fishing lodge apart from others is our location. We are fortunate to call this fantastic spot in the Alaskan wilderness home. With Cooper Landing offering premier ocean fishing and all of the smaller waterways and tributaries surrounding us, we have endless options for finding that honey hole fishing spot for each of our guests. When it comes to ocean fishing, we are located between two phenomenal saltwater bodies of water: Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska. These two seas host some of the best Alaska wildland adventures around, and different-sized charters allow you to target a specific fish or try your hand at several species.

alaska wildland adventuresAn Unforgettable Stay in Our Kenai Riverside Lodge

When you set out for an Alaskan fishing trip, whether it is with a group of friends, the family, or just you, we offer spectacular accommodations to top off your ocean fishing experience. After a long day on the water, there is nothing quite like returning to cozy lodging with our Kenai riverside lodge. Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge features twelve different lodging choices to ensure that you can find your ideal stay for maximum comfort while you are here. You can count on us to cover all the bases to make sure you have the best Alaska wildland adventures, from Alaska fishing charters to the meals you enjoy throughout your stay. Alaska is waiting for you, and Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge is ready to provide you with an adventure you will remember forever!